Windows 11 Battery draining while shutdown

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I'm facing extensive battery draining after shutdown, its common to have a 4% draining per hr. even if the pc is shutdown.


Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.176.0

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This could somehow happen during sleep, but 4%/h is way too much. MP
this is during shutdown, during sleep 1 to 2% is normal
Same problem here...
I turned off my laptop friday afternoon with 85% of battery life. I haven't used during the weekend, today (2 days after) for my surprise it had 54%.



I just experienced for my Dell XPS 9570. While plugged in the battery drained to 4% in just a few hours after I told it to "shutdown", which I thought had succeeded.


I've been shutting down since sleep won't work. I thought I had found a foolproof method to save my battery/fan, but I guess not. I really hope these basic power issues get resolved soon.


power drain plugged in off screenshot.jpg