Windows 11 Battery draining while shutdown

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I'm facing extensive battery draining after shutdown, its common to have a 4% draining per hr. even if the pc is shutdown.


Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.176.0

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This could somehow happen during sleep, but 4%/h is way too much. MP
this is during shutdown, during sleep 1 to 2% is normal
Same problem here...
I turned off my laptop friday afternoon with 85% of battery life. I haven't used during the weekend, today (2 days after) for my surprise it had 54%.



I just experienced for my Dell XPS 9570. While plugged in the battery drained to 4% in just a few hours after I told it to "shutdown", which I thought had succeeded.


I've been shutting down since sleep won't work. I thought I had found a foolproof method to save my battery/fan, but I guess not. I really hope these basic power issues get resolved soon.


power drain plugged in off screenshot.jpg

@Tarek89I am facing the same problem. New HP laptop Spectre laptop. WFH hence connected all day, every evening I shutdown and in the morning it's about 50% battery drained. Weekend it goes to 0%. I have the fast startup and hibernation options disabled. This is really annoying as will always need a charger around.

My 4-year-old Surface book 2 still keeps most of the battery charge about 1-2% drain overnight in shutdown. I used to manually drain the battery (use on battery till 5%) once a month to keep the battery healthy.

@Tarek89 I have been seeing this similar problem. The Only Solution which I have found is to dual boot - into Ubuntu. And then Shutdown after using Linux for sometime.


This has shown very improved results. My battery drain has come down from 25 to 5 %. 


It seems that even after tweaking all the setting in Windows. Windows is still using Flash Boot Settings Improve User Experience. Which is good. But if you are person who is not using your laptop daily this is shocking as you will need to charge for some time before starting your Computer/ Laptop.


I hope this gets proper attention to resolve the situation for all users.