Windows 11 24H2 issues that needs to be known and be fixed before it gets released officialy to RTM

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The build 26100.1 that was supposed to be released to RTM first (after some little workout) it doesn't work with all apps and games yet - it requires more fixes before this version gets published to the air - for example, Roblox when gets executed it shows only white screen as soon the game has been opened and doesn't do anything - it doesn't even crash the app - it stays opened but with white color on the whole screen of the app so fixes are not yet fully applied for some issues in 24H2 build. It should get more extended time for better fixes and development before it gets released to RTM and in public


I will provide logs as an example of how Roblox reacted in this build (it could be useful for enginners to work on it before it gets released to users and RTMs)


Thanks in advance for your kind and good work and I appreciate the time spend in testing 24H2 build to the end of it's development cycle (that means that I'm not leaving before it gets finished completely)

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