Windows 11 (22H2) Not Detecting ThinkVision M15 Monitor through USB-C Port or HDMI Port

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After many attempts with many cables and many updates, I have not been able to extend, duplicate, or project to my ThinkVision M15 monitor from a Lenovo Flex 5 running Windows 11 Home on the Insider Preview (Beta Channel). Is there a known issue with USB-C/HDMI drivers or detection of monitors? Please advise.

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Are you able to connect using different PC?
Try run Windows Update and download and install all updates.
Try update your graphic card driver.
Open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.



Same here..

DP via USB-C stopped working after update to 22H2 on 21.09.2022 on a Snapdragon (ARM), Lenovo X13s.


Works flawless after a rollback, including MST daisy-chaining.

Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.


I had the same problem on a HP Probook laptop.
I had to update the firmware, there it also updates the USB-C controller. after a reboot it was working again.

You can try downloading the HP support Assistant to help you.

Hope this helps.