windows 10 wont recognize flash drive

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I just built my pc.

MSI 3060 trio

I5 12400  12th gen

16gb ram

1tb samsung 970 evo



Flash drive I am using to transfer is recoginzed by my old pc, but when i plug into my new pc it will bring me through the steps up to when i have to "Look" for a flash drive. I cant find it.... I used the browse section as well. Pretty upsetting.

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Hi, have you tried to change the port, or remove the disk and shut down the system and with the system closed - reinstall the USB, and restart the system

The system settings (printer devices) should be the default and autoplay enabled!

In case this is a newly installed PC, try run Windows Update and download and install all updates and restart your PC and try again.
Have a look at:
Try going to device manager and click on scan for changes. See if this helps. If not see if you need to install drivers for usb