Windows 10 update problem

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windows 10 20H2 is installed on my computer right now and if I want to update my computer is trying to install Windows 11 insider preview 10.0.22000.160 (co_release) but my computer is not compatible with win 11.

On the settings of Windows insider-program It states that my pc isn't compatible and asked me witch channel I want to use to get the windows 10 insider preview updates and I selected BETA

Can anybody help me with this issue

Thanks in advance


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If I understood correctly, you joined Windows Insider program and your system shows your device is not compatible with the Windows 11 but you are being offered to download the Windows 11, is that correct?
You may download and run the PC Health Check app and see what is the status of your device?
You may download it from:


Yes that's correct but I'm already a member from 2018 but I purchased a refurbished computer a week ago and I would like to update windows 10 automatically to the newest BETA version it can install.


I already did the health test and everything is okay except the CPU is not in the on the list of tested CPU's
Result of the health test:
secure start oke
TPM 2.0 activated
CPU freq 2.5 Ghz
CPU 4 cores

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500T CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz
Geïnstalleerd RAM-geheugen 16,0 GB (15,8 GB beschikbaar)
Apparaat-id DB39B9F9-8087-494F-8127-66B8AB230706
Product-id 00330-50497-84177-AAOEM
Type systeem 64-bits besturingssysteem, x64-processor

Editie Windows 10 Pro
Versie 20H2
Installatiedatum ‎14/‎09/‎2021
Build van besturingssysteem 19042.1165
Ervaring Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3030.0


Windows 11 Insider ignore certain requirements so more people would be able to join the program and test it. I believe for the Windows Insider they are not enforcing all requirement (since it is for testing) but we have to see if other community members would have the same experience or not.

However, for the official build of Windows 11 (not insider) your device won't work like you said.

my CPU has all the requirements except the "UEFI Secure Boot" and I think that's the problem it just misses just 1 thing.
as far as I know after the release of the stable version of Windows11 can no longer insider program participants get an installation of Windows11 - if the computer does not meet the system requirements
This privilege was until the release of the official version of the system - currently this is not possible.
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In this blog is the answer to your question.

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Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19044.1200 (21H2) | Windows Insider Blog

Now I understand, and can you downgrade the channel to RP?

If you continue to have problems, a clean installation of Windows may be the solution.

Or performing a workaround that is not recommended by Microsoft. 

@Reza_Ameri and @A1-A1 thnx for the information, I hope somebody knows a solution for my problem because now windows is always trying to install win 11 even when my computer is not suitable for it
@A1-A1 thanks for the tip but it doesn't work on my computer after the installation I received the error installation of windows 11 failed
I'm still searching for an legal way of my problem, so I can update windows and that may system not always is trying to install win 11 I not need it right away. I now I can't still do my insider testing.

@A1-A1 1 problem solved when I checked my profile as a insider program member I noticed that in that profile I was an active member but on my PC settings not so I activated it tried everything again, no luck I deactivated the insider program again on my computer and now he isn't trying to install win 11 anymore but now I have another problem.

When I update my windows he updates it first in the last 20h2 version but that's already installed and if I try to install the 21H2 than he says after 96% that there is a problem and reinstalls the original version (20H2) he doing the small updates but not the part updates.

This version is installed right now:

Windows 10 Pro
Version: 20H2
Installation date ‎14/‎09/‎2021
Build  19042.1165
Ervaring Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3030.0


You may try stop receiving the Windows Insider Build , take a look at:
You can download the media creation tool and install 21H1 manually, or use the update assistant for Windows - this is the simplest.

@A1-A1 it doesn't work, I receive the message installation failed

Have you run the update troubleshooter - it is worth taking these steps, sometimes it will automatically remove conflicts or disable the antivirus for the time of the update to close open processes.

@A1-A1 yes I did and it doesn't shows any problems, I also stopt all apps except the Microsoft apps in msconfig so only the necessary Microsoft apps are running. Nothing helps even an clean install doesn't work.