Windows 10 Preview Build 17723 - Device Name not detected properly


Windows Server 10 Preview Build 17723 has a new problem when detecting devices.


All inputs from different sound cards are all always labeled as microphone although they're not a microphone.

Here's an example with alot of different audio inputs:


Windows Server 2016 / Windows 10 1709:



Windows 10 Preview 17723 (also tested on windows 10 17723 with same problem):



Because of this system is very unstable ( crashes sometimes ), and alot of audio / conferencing / audio monitoring / audio server programs just hang because programs do not know what kind of input this is as they all assume it is a microphone but in reality it is a line-in or digital input.


Selecting a random microphone input can also damage speakers / headphones because user will hear very loud dts or ac3 noise on listening device as the device is listed as analog input but in reality it is a digital SPDIF input with digital noise.



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