Windows 10 insider preview cannot log in to Microsoft account

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Windows 10 insider preview bulid21277 home can't log in to Microsoft account. It's the same with the official version


Please try again or choose Cancel to set up this device later. I tried n sides like this. How can I solve this problem? . Don't delete my question one day       I'll tell you whether I'm going back to the official version or so that other computers in the same LAN can do it. I've moved the system version back to side n    I need an accurate answer from you           Thank you fe0eb6c4-70ea-4f4e-a6b2-938d01cbd476.jpg


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You said other computers on the same LAN (IP address ? ) can sign in?

yes  I can use any other computer@HotCakeX 

Have you installed network adapter device drivers?

@HotCakeX Hello, I installed network adapter device drivers and I can access the web. What is the problem? I asked the Microsoft community and they always evaded the reason. I checked in the Windows Insider Program section, but the posts were deleted. I'm speechless, what should I do?

if your post was deleted and it wasn't violating the code of conduct, you can make a topic here and say that your post was deleted by mistake, moderators will help you out

About your problem, I'm not sure what is causing it exactly, a new build was released today, maybe it's fixed now.