Windows 10 insider preview can't update to neither windows 11 nor the newest windows 11

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Hello everyone, I am having a problem on updating my system. My laptop is currently running windows 10 insider preview, but it can't to upgrade to neither windows 11 nor the newest version of windows 10. My laptop cannot upgrade to windows 11 because there is no TPM 2.0 on it. So I had already turned "Stop getting preview builds when the next version of Windows releases" on for trying to update to a newer version of windows 10, however, it has already been a very long time and I am still stuck on the old version of windows 10 insider preview. Right now, every time when I am checking update on the update page of Settings, the only windows update I can get is still "Windows 11 Insider Preview 25290.1000". 


Does anyone know how to solve this problem and update to the newest version of windows 10 or the newest insider preview of windows 10?


Thank you very much.

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Hi, unfortunately but it looks like it will be necessary to clean install Windows10, in what channel are you?

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Download Windows 10 (

Hi@Henry_Zhang ,

I think because your pc doesn't have Windows 11 minimum requirements, and you are not able to update Windows 10 to the latest version, you should install a fresh copy of Windows 10 and contact Microsoft Support.

Link to fresh copy: Download Windows 10 (

Link to Microsoft Support: Microsoft Support