Windows 10 Insider Preview 17661.1001 (rs_prerelease) stuck at 80%!

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I keep trying to fix this driver issue I have been having. Today the Windows 10 Insider Preview 17661.1001 (rs_prerelease) update appeared but every time I attempt to download it, I find myself stuck at 80%. I was somehow able to just run a BIOS update so that wasn't affected. But I cannot use any bluetooth devices right now. I also cannot charge my phone with my laptop or use my xbox controller. I really don't want to have to reinstall everything or anything. I just want to update my Dell XPS 15. I'm on fast updates with insider if that helps. Thanks.

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I'm getting this too. What's this BIOS update you ran? What does it do?

I am having similar issue with my atheros bluetooth adapter on my Lenovo Yoga 500 in 17666 and the previous build. 


Its funny that the BT toogle button apears in the quick settings area of the notification area, lit up and not activated. 


Have done all the diagnostic stuff and driver update from  the vendor website but nothing worked.

If I return to the last April Creators Build it works fine.


Also, it took aprox 8 to 10  hours to install the build! It was in a endless cicle between preparing and installing phases always returning to 12% after reaching something around 80%.


I left the notebook on during the nigth and when I woke up, SURPRISE, 17666 installed!


Any suggestions?


Good luck to all!