Windows 10 Insider Preview 17063 fails to install- Error code 0x080004005

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Please help!!!!


This has been my second back to back windows insider preview fail!!!


i keep getting a 0x80004005 error!!!!


Tried all things

Cleared Software distribtuion folder

Cleared command prompt windows update

Did Windows 10 update trouble shooter




Please help!

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Same problem but different error  0xC1900101

Hi Mollace! 


I now have got past that error code and now see the error code 0xC1900101 also!!!


Someone please help!

I experienced GSOD with error code 0xc1900101 on my Surface Pro 4 this morning.


If there are logs which I can access, I'd be more than happy to share them.


I'm also in Windows Insider Program on the Fast branch.

Ok, today I have updated my SP3 to 17063.


Simply remove SD card when Windows is updating

I dont have a Surface Though! :(. I only have a Desktop no SD card. 


Any other suggestions??

If you have external HDDs, try to disconnect them

No Extra Drivers


Tried everything, 


Even found the ISO. It stops at 75 percent on the second batch of updates and then restarts and the LOGO screen stays on the screen. Thats it. Does nothing more. Than reboot manually two times and it restores to previous version! Ready to pull all my hair out lol!!!

I have this error code also. 0xc1900101 I tried disabling on windows start any virus and malware type problems. Unloaded any drivers for external drives, nas drivers, backup and raid units. Still not able to install last insiders preview. Tried 3 times.
Essentially all of the above attempts. (3) Desktop PC(s) and (2) Updated with no issues.
Remaining PC has gone thru days of 'Restarts' ....... gets to 54%, jumps to 75%, then black screen, then reloads 17046. Disconnected all USB except wired Logitech keyboard/mouse, and no effect. Same 40Mbs home network as other (2) PC(s), quite similar hardware, comparable software. Very frustrating as this type of Update failure issue has rotated over past year(s) thru each of these (3) PC(s) ..... while the others Update properly.

I have had this same problem a few times in the past, also, and now again with 17063 preview build. Other than creating an install disk from the ISO and doing a clean install (wiping out everything), the only thing I've found that works is pausing the Insider program until a new release comes out.

Thank-you.  So many attempts, I had reached this conclusion.   So frustrating __ as noted earlier __  other (2) very similar PC(s) Updated first pass with no issues. 

Clean install is most painful, as this is main DAW system with very large Program content, many with S/N(s) / Passwords difficult to find.   Will be patient and hope for early Update .... (as so many seem to have this issue with 17063.



Thom B



I have a DAW on mine, too. I've found that if you do an image of your user directory that includes all the hidden directories and files, you can do a clean install, then restore your user directory, and then reinstall your programs. Then when you run them, most of data for those should be there, if they're stored in the AppData folder.


Still takes a lot of time, but not as much as a total do-over. I use Macrium Reflect, and do nightly incremental backups on an external 2 TB drive, so everything stays pretty much up to date. I'll wait a couple more weeks to see if a newer build comes out.

Acronis True Image 2016 here and will consider your suggestion.  Still tedious, as you state, but a possibility.   Hoping for a newer Update soon !!  




I'm also facing this problem.
Windows is not being start.
It's stop at the position given in the image.

I don't get stuck on the POST screen like that with this build, but I get to the 4th restart, and when it's 75% through the install after that, I get the the GSOD. Just spent 2 hours with it this morning, and I'm back to 17046 again.


Still waiting for the next build, or in a few days—when I have a couple days to spare—I may just do a clean install of 17063 and then restore all my personal stuff and reinstall all my programs. I have 20+ synthesizers as well as all the usual programs.

dont do that either, clean install will not work either.


When is a new build coming out?????

@Adam Goz wrote:

Hi Mollace! 


I now have got past that error code and now see the error code 0xC1900101 also!!! 


How did you get past the 0x80004005 error?


A week ago I did a clean install using a disk I made from an IPO of 17063. That was the latest install disk I had that would do a full install, and not just an update. It worked, and continues to do so. Windows Update has also worked following the install, and I'm up to 17112 at this point. It's been a grueling process, but I've finally gotten most of my programs reinstalled, and everything's pretty much back to normal.


When doing the install, the installer created a copy of my old system under C:\Windows.old, and from there I could totally replace my "Users" directory. I just copied and pasted it, and that included my "AppData" directory, which contained most of the settings from programs. When I reinstalled them, the settings were there.


o resolve the problem, repair the installation of Windows XP by using the Windows XP CD, and then replace the files. To do this, follow these steps:
Insert the Windows XP CD in the CD drive or in the DVD drive.
Restart your computer.
When you receive the following message, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD:
Press any key to start from CD
Note Your computer must be configured to start from the CD drive or from the DVD drive. For more information about how to configure your computer to start from the CD drive or from the DVD drive, see the documentation that came with your personal computer. Alternatively, contact the manufacturer.
When you receive the following message, press R to start the Recovery Console. This part of the Setup program prepares Windows XP to run on your computer.
To set up Windows XP now, press ENTER. To repair a Windows XP installation by using Recovery Console, press R. To exit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3
You see a numbered option, such as the following:
Note this path to Windows (In this example, the path is C:\WINDOWS) for later user in step 7 and step 11. Then, press 1 to access your primary drive installation by using the Recovery Console.
When you are prompted, type the administrator password. If you do not have an administrator password, press ENTER.
Type cd C:\WINDOWS\System32, and then press ENTER.
Note In this command, use the path that you noted in step 5 if it differs from C:\WINDOWS.
Rename the following files by using the REN command. To do this, type REN File_Name.extensionFile_Name.oldat the command prompt.

Note This file is located in the following subfolder:
Note In the previous command, you must replace File_Name.extension with the file name from the list of files in this step. Additionally, File_Name.old represents the new name for the file name. For example, use the following command for the Wpa.dbl file:
REN Wpa.dbl Wpa.OLD
Type the drive letter of the CD drive together with a colon, and then press ENTER. For example, you type D:, and then press ENTER.
Type cd i386, and then press ENTER.
Type the following commands individually. Press ENTER after each command:
Expand licwmi.dl_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
Expand regwizc.dl_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
Expand licdll.dl_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
Expand wpabaln.ex_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
Expand wpa.db_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
Expand actshell.ht_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
Copy pidgen.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32
Note In these commands, use the path that you noted in step 5 if it differs from C:\WINDOWS.
Type Exit, and then press ENTER to restart the computer.

@Adam Goz