Windows 10 Insider Preview 17017.1000 (rs_prerelease) - after restart nothing happens

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Hi, everything works fine for preparation of the update (from build 15063).

* The systems asks for restart after restart it prepares the new version), it restarts

it restarts again, but(!) instead to go to a setup mode, it starts the win 10 system, without further setup.


I tried to correct update, several times, but it does not change this ignorant behavior.

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By using the Update troubleshooter...



Ok. Did you do cold reboot? I had to run the troubleshooter 3 times and shut down then restart. 

Now I tried also with cold reboot.

a. Refresh and shutdown.

b. Switch of the PC

c. Switch on again an Start the system-


Still no upgrade happens.

Perhaps try and repair update and store?

When the debugger can not solve your problem best you should remove the existing build or go to restore the original installation, and you will probably have to install clean. after doing one of the suggested ones In my case you can download the build without any problems.

Agree on fresh reinstall when all else fails

I suspect that the problem is connected to the fact that the first UEFI record pointed to a Hard drive and not to the Windows boot manager....
Even a reboot to Windows Safe mode did not work out.
I reinstalled Win 10 to thew same comnputer to the same partitions.
But still the upgrade to this version does not work. After restart it goes back to the oroginal Windows.

Are you logged into your Insider Microsoft account?

Finally, I got it. I used the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update from by clicking the "Update now" button. It successfully downloaded and installed the upgrade without any further problem.

Good. But you may need to check update settings to assure you are still in fast ring for insider updates and prereleases.

No the system reverted me. so I am no on build 16299. And I cannot set the Fast track, because the system reverts me to, "just send me early updates" state.

 try to remove all extra hdds and keep only the os hdds or ssd 

this was a helpful trick for me until the build 17017.1000 below is my latest case
first of all I had been notified that build 17017.1000 is ready to install please restart I went throw the process many times but without success win starts with the old build so I decided to remove all hdds and kept the m.2 950 Samsung pro connected cause it is the OS drive the update was successful but now if I add any of my old Hdds witch I use before in my build windows won't boot pleas help

señor en que anillo esta usted?¿ porque yo estoy en "enviarme actualizaciones anticipadas -RELEASE PREVIEW" Y ME SALE QUE "GRACIAS POR ACTUALIZAR A LA VERSION MAS RECIENTE DE WINDOWS10"
sir in what ring are you? because I am in "send me advanced updates -RELEASE PREVIEW" AND I LEAVE THAT "THANK YOU FOR UPDATING THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF WINDOWS10"