Windows 10 hangs on boot screen

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I recently (this last weekend) updated to the Windows 10 Insider Preview  build. I don't exactly remember the version number (could be 17024?). I used it for a couple of days and things were great. The system suggested that remove older versions as I was running low on space. Now I have a PC that hangs with the spinning dots on reboot. Is there any way I can fix this, including a fresh install? If fresh install, where do I get a downloadable ISO to use with a USB drive? Microsoft Support pretty much cut me loose saying the Insider Preview was not supported, so I'm left in the lurch.

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Hi Srinivas,


If you're on Twitter, you could reach out to @WindowsInsider. 


The most recent Insider ISO is Build 17025 which you can download here if you want to do a fresh install. 

Hi Paul,


Thank you for your response and for the download link. I'm also thankful for the tip about contacting their Twitter account. I would hate to have to reinstall if there's some other way of restoring. Failing that, of course, I've created a bootable CD with the image of the 17025 build.


Thanks again!