Windows 10 ARM Build error

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I have for a few days a message that appears every time I turn on my computer (above) :


I can't update it to the next build!


How to do it?


Thank very much ! 


Capture d’écran 2021-10-21 à 19.30.27.png


Détail : 


Édition Windows 10 Professionnel

Version Dev

Build du système d’exploitation 21390.2025

Expérience Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack 321.13302.10.3

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You have to install the latest version of Windows Insider build with Dev Channel, as per Microsoft post previously old version of Insider Build in Dev Channel will be expired by end of Oct 31th 2021.

There is not other way unless you update to the latest version of build.



I can't do it in the windows update, I look for updates and it can't find any at all.


How to do it?




Yes, u cannot do it via Windows Update. You have to download the latest Build with an ISO file to conduct such upgrade.