Windows 10 21343 Network Fatal Error

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Windows 10 21343 Network Fatal Error.

Windows Update, WinGet, Feedback Hub didn't connect to Microsoft Services.


WindowsUpdate.log att.

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Does this problem started after you upgrade to this build?
Check the Network driver and see if it is working?
Try run the network troubleshooter.



Hi Reza,


Yes this problem started after upgrade to this build.

Troubleshooter couldn't identity the problem.

Try revert back to the previous build and see if it work?

If you manage to connect to internet, then open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

Reza, Feedback Hup doesn't connect to Microsoft Services. This is blocking issue. Please add this to Windows Bug tracking system.
Are you seeing this error message when you are using the Feedback Hub app?
Would you mind post back the complete error message from the Feedback Hub app?