windows 10 2004 ne zaman yayınalnacak?

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yeni yapı ne zaman rtm sürüme geçecek

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@veri 450 Windows 10 version 2004 is scheduled for release during this current month of April, (or it might possibly be delayed till may).

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yeni yapı ne zaman rtm sürüme geçecek

Translation: when will the new build be upgraded

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It's not known when it will be released, there is no official date from Microsoft.

which ring are you talking about? version 2004 can refer to both fast and slow rings, I'm using fast ring and it's showing 2004 too. (I know it's technically not going to be released in the first quarter of 2020)


slow ring is still receiving regular updates, hasn't been promoted to the release preview ring yet, it will most likely spend some more time on that ring before it is ready for release and RTM.

@HotCakeX sürüm önizlemesini indirdim . acaba sürüm önizlemesi ıso dosyasını bılgasayarıma kurayım


If I understood correctly, you wan the ISO files?
you can get them from here: (sign into your Microsoft account first)

@HotCakeXindirdim sürüm önizlemesini sürüm önizlemesi nedir ve iso nasıl kuruluyor

önizleme sürüm nedir?

stabil olmayan
Can you use a translator?
Thank you :)