Window Insider Preview 11 update stuck at 99%

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I tried to delete the downloaded update files and start again. I also tried to restart the update service to solve this.

But it doesn't work.

Any help?

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If the download has stopped - it's good. Don't delete downloaded files!
It is likely that Update could not provide a complete list of updates, and this is normal. leave your computer out of hours of use and plugged in.

Yeah it got installed finally. It took nearly 2 hours :)
Thanks for the reply
I'm glad - good luck Andrew
what should i do, i downloaded the full thing and was about 50% installed it stopped and started to check for updates, then i restarted and i’ve been stuck on downloading at 0% for 1-2 hours


Update service if it has all the components will download automatically
additionally, you can clean drive C from temporary and delivery optimization files. most often at night is maintenance outside of hours of active use of the computer

this might sound stupid but how do i clean the C drive?

@LewisScott You can clean it using Disk cleanup tool.

Hi, I am Firk. I had the problem the fix is very simple. It is a bug in Conexant audio driver, just uninstall them and it will install fine then you can reinstall the Conexant audio drivers and also if you don't install it the audio will still work.

@A1-A1 hello bro my win 11 insider previewis stucked at 61 percent can u tell any solution





I'm having the same issue. My installation for windows 11 insider preview 22518.1000 is stuck at 61 percent
You responded to old post and many thing have been changed.
It would have been better if you have created a new one.
Windows Insider is under the testing and development and I advise you to report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
Are you performing manual install or using the Windows Update?
Try to download latest version of WIP ISO from MS site then conduct a in-place upgrade or clean installation. 100% it should resolve... lol



Step 1: Open File Explorer and go to this path: Local Disk (C:)\Windows. Step 2: Click to open the SoftwareDistribution folder. Step 3: Delete all the sub-folders inside it. After that, Run Disk Cleanup and delete all items in there. Wait for files to delete, then reinstall the Windows Update, that will fix the problem!