Window 11 Feature Request - Option to block creation of desktop shortcuts during install process

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Please add a toggle in the windows settings which blocks installers from adding icons to the desktop.


With so many awful installers just dumping icons onto the desktop without any option to decline, it would be nice if windows provided some overall setting which blocked those installers.  While manually cleaning things up, changing access permissions, or running a script to clean up the trash might be an option it's not ideal.


Alternatively let us choose to hide the "desktop" folder contents, and show the contents of something more useful instead.  Perhaps this could also be a way to allow virtual desktops to each have their own stuff on the desktop; making the desktop useful again rather than looking like a poorly organised version of the start menu


ps - sorry for the rant

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So you want like when you install Windows, the desktop be empty without any icons, is that correct?
Are you referring to Windows installation media or you are referring to Windows Deployment image.

Hi @Reza_Ameri no, I'm referring to programs or applications which are installed on top of windows.  For example if I install a web browser, or any other application I think there should be an option to surpress them from adding icons to the desktop so that I can use the desktop to store organised quick links to things that I actually want to be able to access quickly


Hi, Customize the Windows 11 Start menu | Microsoft Learn

This is a helpful article, but it's worth adding valuable feedback to the Windows Feedback Center. 

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