Window 10 deactivated after upgrading to Build 17063

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My laptop Dell is pre-installed with Window 10 Home Single language. But yesterday when I upgrade to the latest build 17063, my laptop becomes non-genuine. And I cannot use all of the features in Window.

Please help.

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Same thing happened with my HP Laptop. After upgrading to build 17063 from build 17045 my windows 10 has been deactivated. Kindly Help
Excuse me, I also use the HP laptop, the upgrade to 17603, the last step, after the restart has been stuck in the HP logo, I ask you know how to solve it?

I am facing same problem after upgrading to build 17063. Windows 10 home Single Language now has been showing as Windows 10 Home. And the Windows has been deactivated. Please provide a Solution ASAP...

Same thing happened to me. Any help would be appreciated

My Windows Insider 17063 on HP Laptop got deactivated too (suddenly showing Digital key link to my account isn't valid)  happening only on this Insider build. Please help !!!! 

My Laptop was also updated under Insider Program with Build 17063 & after restarting Windows is Deactivated, trying to resolve but after trouble shooting the Error code displayed is 0xc004f012 - No resolution for this Error Code Available under Help Page.


I believe many users are facing the same problem & don't want to loose the License - Microsoft Windows Please Help ASAP..

Well... I was looking for 3D printers online when I saw your question …. I have activated many times all kinds of prefabricated laptops and Dell as well... So it is almost the same on every other laptops not only dell... First of all the Windows in them is not the same as the Insiders Version of Windows and therefore the only thing you can do is to completely rebuild it step by step , that you erase everything from the hard drives first than , in this case you want upgrade on build 16299 which you must have on a USB along to make a clean boot on it . After that you must also install all related such as the 16299 SDK , WDK , ADK , HLK... whatever... and perhaps visual studio to be sure... When finished I use ( Tune Up Utilities ) to speed it up a little... Why ? Simply because build 17063 is a upgrade on the build 16299 , so when you have 16299 installed is when you can go further . I admit that there were a few laptops these trick did not worked , and what I did was that I found cheap OEM keys on DHgate and successfully activated them without issues and it is recommended to install always the Professional Windows version and not home or other , and go on Dell website and manually collect every single drivers and install before and after the updates done as well . I am sure that dell has its original OEM keys for Activating the machine without buying any keys but use the originals and also there are original CD DVD discs working only on Dell ( a few others too ) but you must always use the original install disc if you want to activate it or else it will block your keys . No matter which keys you try . install only drivers you know for sure is needed and leave the rest . Can use for example " Active@ KillDisk " to erase the drive or similar... As I mentioned , it is same to all laptops and you must do this workaround to clean the system before you do any upgrading and also try and check if there is any viruses blocking... and Spybot Search And Destroy the old version... In theory the machine is indeed activated once and must be able to activate manually and you can maybe try to enter Dell original keys and see what happens.... Hope my advice is helpful... Happy New Year !