Win11 22H2 22621.317 PC unable to resume from hibernation using automated tasks

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Good evening everyone,

I recently tested the last Win11 22H2 release preview from the Insider program.
With different backup programs (TrueImage 2021, Macrium V8) or with automated scheduled tasks, it is impossible to get different PCs resuming from hibernation (they stayed in the S4 state), although waking from a sleep state (S3) was fully OK.
When using the mouse, the keyboard, no pb getting the PCs awaken from hibernation.
The PowerPlans are those from AMD, i.e. AMD Ryzen balanced, using the last X570 chipset AMD software (, motherboards are Asus ROG Strix X570 E-gaming with the last bios.
Processors are Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 9 3900X.
Any advice or similar problems ?
Many thanks for your quick response, as my backups are crucial matters !!
Best Regards
Windows Build/Version Win11 22H2 22621.317
Added information, 2nd of August 2022 :
- exactly the same behaviour with an Intel i9 9900K computer (Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master motherboard with the last bios) ;
- verifying cmd.exe "powercfg -waketimers" is OK, I can read my scheduled tasks ;
- verifying energy states confirms S3 and S4 both as active ;
- after the time out of my scheduled task (PC stayed in the S4 state), I can wake the PC
without any pb by shaking the mouse or typing with the keyboard ;
- I checked different PowerPlans, no differences, all with "allow waketimers" box ticked   ;
- using Acronis TrueImage 2021 with its own scheduler program (no task is mentioned in the Microsoft Tasks Scheduler), no way !! ;
- after the time out of the scheduled task, the waketimer goes to the next date/hour ;
Is it a specific pb of this Win11 Insider version ?
Again, thanking u for your interest, am I really alone facing this pb ? Any other trick ?
Best Regards
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Good evening/morning/afternoon everyone...

It is solved !!! Hope I did not confuse you.
In order to gain time during my scheduled tasks experiments, I put the PC in hibernation/S4 state, shortcutting the timers of my PowerPlan by using the command : C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll,SetSuspendState ---> this was obviously the culprit !!!
By using the command : C:\Windows\System32\psshutdown.exe -h -t 0 (see Sysinternals Web site - Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals), or the deep sleep from the Win11 start menu, my scheduled tasks ran perfectly, either from sleep state (S3) or from hibernation/deep sleep state (S4).

Best Regards