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I am sure this has been covered many times by others, but!

could we have a customization tool for this service as I have a large monitor and certain monitor real estate options would be nice to have, like pixel-perfect locations and not edge of screen alignment?

If such options are out there, it is so hard to find, and dare I say, those annoying videos we use to get on old windows, would be quite useful here!

I don't want box plus box positioning I would like totally definable Options.

Top left to edge of screen seems at 1st logical but on some screens, this may be quite far away. If I am typing out from one form to another a central set of windows is far better. Also, things like webcam position, if I can align the app I look to more approximate with the web cam IRL, I can have a more human conversation and when I look away to enter the person's details into the database, they will see my head and eye turn away for a nonverbal "let me just enter this in" motion.

In this way a window underneath or custom background can be used to display peripheral information like emails coming in or the time.

I dub this option, *Snap Here*

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