Win Insider Preview 22581.1 ni_release stuck at 61%

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I'm on the windows insider Beta channel. My PC is trying to install 22581.1, but it continues to get stuck at 61%.

I've tried

  • Removing CONEXANT Drivers (I use Sennheiser Headphones)
  • Advanced Troubleshooter for Windows update
  • Switching between Release Preview and then switching back to Beta Channel
  • DISM

I do NOT want to lose programs/info with a new install for this update. Essentially, I do not want to reset Win 11. I appreciate help, but please no copy/paste of the same things I've already attempted. 


Thank you for any help you can provide

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I believe this is a bug , I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue. Windows Insider is under testing and evaluation and such issue are expected.



Thank you for the reply!


I have already reached out to the feedback and they sent me here. I hope the issue isn't Conexant drivers as I do like my Sennheisers, but if it persists I'll have to get new ones.


Thanks again.

In case Windows installation failed, it will create log files and you may have a look at:


Where X: is your drive which Windows has been installed (for you it might be C:). You may check log files and get some clue on what might causing the failure.
Thank you again for replying.
I looked at some of the files created and they are beyond my abilities to decipher the meaning.
In this case, make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app and submit these log files.

@Shane1265 same with me

is it resolved??


No it isn't. I tried every way I could think of to communicate with MS, I've looked online (uninstalled CONEXANT drivers, ran DISM, SFC SCANNOW, etc. and I've run the troubleshooters (BITS, Win Update, etc...). I'm still here with the same issue.

If you find out how to fix, can you please reply? Thanks!


Hi, because you are in the Beta channel and version 22581 is the same now for the Dev channel. it comes up with a lot of errors with download and installation - I think it is worth pausing the download of this version and wait for a new release that will only be for the Beta channel ( it will be more stable - this version has a build expiration date and watermark )

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