Win 11 Home will not upgrade to Win 11 pro - How to Remove the Windows Insider Builds

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Currently on :- Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22623.730 (ni_release)

1) How to get my Newly Purchased WIN 11 Pro licence to upgrade my Home licence 

2) In insider preview cannot install  .Net3.5 

3) cannot get  Java wot work  


Contacted MS Customer Support - Solution is  Wipe the drive and re-install to get Win11 Pro Working 

However, there is a Stetting where only New key can be inserted to move up to Win 11 Pro - that also not working . 


My question is :-

How to remove the Win 11 Insider preview build  


Get my Win 11 Pro working on my PC 




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Removing WI build depends on which channel you're currently on (Dev, Beta, Release Preview):

Refer the cases here:

For Pro edition, you can purchase the upgrade at $99 from Store app.

If you've Pro edition unique key, you can upgrade as shown in this guide:

Let us know if this helps!

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