Win 10 Insider 16281 OneDrive doesn't sync

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I need help with OneDrive sync problems!

I have a ThinkPad W540 i7 16GB Ram 1TB Disk. High Speed Internet 100gb/100gb

What I have done:

1) Reset OneDrive

2) Unlinked OneDrive

3) Uninstalled OneDrive

4) Deleted files from OnDrive on my PC

5) Re-installed OnDrive

6) Setup OneDrive on my Drive D:


I have restarted the pc between the different operations.



OneDrive is syncing at a very low speed 0,1 kb/sec and it seems that really nothing is happen.

Help please,

Poul Erik



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Are you syncing completely to your computer of using the On-demand feature for the One Drive files.  The sync with one drive in this new release is horribly slow even with that new option.

I'm decided to drop One drive and move to Google Drive.
Microsoft has no kind of support when things go wrong. One Drive has not been working for me this year and now it's time to go ahead.

Google has chat support. A problem is solved in minutes. Great and reliable services they have.
Poul Erik Rasmussen