Will my data be erased if I install windows 11 from insider program

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I want to install windows 11 from insider program. Will my data from local disks and my apps and all the other stuff will be deleted?

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  I was able to upgrade from Windows 10 without losing any of my data or apps.

With that said, best practice state you should make a backup copy in case something goes wrong.



@davidbmarker  backing up means backing your files in c drive right?

I have all my personal files in other than c drive, should I worry about backing up?

Installing Windows 11 Insider build is just like update and it will keep your data. However, since it is still beta and under testing , unexpected behavior are expected and like everyone said, it is good to take a backup of your data.
You may try File History, take a look at:

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The answer is No, but it is still recommended to backup your files just in case your files have been lost.

If you passed the minimum requirements on your device to update your Windows 10 to Windows 11, you can proceed without any problem. If not, you can still stay on Windows 10 if you want. They will still provide security updates but take note that Windows 10 will end of support on October 14, 2025.


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Will I loose installed games and their saves. Don't want to download again. Also not sure if drivers updates for Windows 11 will effect my installated games.

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Actually it depends on your device. For insiders, thay can still to stay in Windows 11 but since the Windows 11 was now released, some users need to go back to Windows 10 because they're devices didn't passed the requirements for Windows 11.About your game progress, your games will also deleted when upgrading a Windows OS, but if your game is synced through your account(Google, Microsoft, etc.) your progress will not be lost. However, your game will be deleted and its related files since updating an OS(even its a free upgrade) requires to reformat your hard disk. In fact, It is impossible to save your program without deleting any files before updating. About your game effectiveness when you installed Windows 11, Actually your game experience will give you more fun and excitement if your device has a graphics card


To help you get started to update, Just click or tap the link below




By updating your computer and your device only meet the minimum requirements instead of recommended requirements, you are solely responsible for any damage will cause to your PC if your device is running slow or if you're device is too old.


If you're asking me about updating your device, it is strongly recommended to buy a new PC if it's 10 years or older. 


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It erased my wife's files...ALL of her files.  None of the fixes online work either.  So she gets to restore from a rather old backup from OneDrive.  So I guess by utterly deleting ALL of your files when you "upgrade", Microsoft is ensuring they own you by forcing you to keep buying more OneDrive space.


One heck of an "upgrade".  Be sure to backup ALL of your files before you upgrade because you may well need it.

Hey David, do my files delete when i DONT backup when i install windows 11? i asked my father if i can install windows 11 and he said yes if you see if the apps and files dont get deleted then yes so i am asking you if my files dont get deleted if i dont backup. Thanks from croatia


Hi this thread is about the installation of the Insider program, surely you are asking for an update of the Stable Version of Windows11?

Of course, it is recommended to make a backup of your personal files - but upgrading through the Windows Update section does not change the settings and does not remove the applications that are installed, so it is safe to install Windows11 if your computer meets the requirements.

Good luck

I don’t get why they own you haven’t  you or your wife ever heard of an external hard drive lol

Is it ok if I store my files as a backup in onedrive? Will I get it back from onedrive once I move to windows 11?
In case you have sufficient space in the OneDrive you may do it.
Make sure you completely upload data and then visit OneDrive on web using browser and verify all data are there and after upgrade if you recommend to the OneDrive you may download them.
if i upgrade to windows 11 will i have the full version of windows 11


I am unable to do a backup even though i have a 1tb hard drive. i have some false positive apps. when i go to back it up in back up and restore (windows 7) i just get to 97% and then get could not complete the operation because an error has occurred. is there a way to bypass this error?