WIF Build 19592: Icons on taskbar sometimes get replaced


I noticed sometimes icons of the Pinned programs on the taskbar get a while background around them, like this:





and in some cases the icon itself is replaced with this placeholder (this is File Explorer)




I haven't submitted a feedback on Feedback hub app yet, they happen very randomly at the moment and they are fixed usually after a minute or two. anyone else experiencing the same thing on this build?

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Yes, I have noticed this problem as well. I haven't been able to figure out what triggers it; it is weird because it seems to go away on its own. It seems to effect the File Explorer icon the most, but I have had it happen to PowerShell and a few others as well. It is very weird. I also have had certain icons display white pixilation edges around them like the task bar is using the wrong resolution / type of icon that is packed inside the .EXE.

Out of curiosity, are you using the slide show for your wallpaper or anything that triggers desktop refreshes periodically?
no I'm using a static background that I set myself for desktop,
and I went to feedback hub and submitted this: (with the pictures above)
You can add more details to it and hopefully enough data will be gathered to fix the issue. thanks :)



Yes, Same issue is experiencing, apart from that, sometimes explorer is restarting and desktop is not responding at that time.


below is an example, (image is attached)

<Sometimes, while I switch between tabs using ALT + TAB also this issue occurring>






Have you been successful catching it happen while recording in Feedback hub app?
Our feedbacks have been put in a Collection
We're investigating this! Thanks for your patience!

@HotCakeXHi same here for the very first time that I installed 19592.
The funny thing is that after some minutes the icon appears and other icons disappear.missing icons.png

It's a newly added Known Issue.

Cool, since we won't be getting any new fast ring builds this week according to Windows insider tweet, the fix might be included in the next week's build