Wi-fi settings not showing on, Bios settings grayed out

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**EDIT1 below** 

Hello all


I need to ask, did anybody recently started to have issues with their Wi-fi after updating to the latest Windows 11 Insider Program? (or Bios settings to overclock ram and CPU being greyed out, I don't know if this is related together but I will ask anyway)?


I own the x570 Aorus i pro wi-fi 'Mobo', and Today, My all wi-fi settings are gone, It looks like Windows doesn't detect it at all (I don't use separate PCi card, I've got a built in Wi-fi an Bluetooth on my board)


I tried everything I could have thought of :


Updated my CPU and CPU drivers

Updated Windows updates

Reinstalled the Wi-fi drivers(Clean install of them)

Bios is also updated to latest version(F35b)


I Really don't want to do a clean install of Windows 11 :\


EDIT1: I discovered that neither my Bluetooth settings works, So it looks like it doesn't recognize the built in wifi and bluetooth card at all


Thanks all

Maciej Pochodaj

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