Why I can't download Windows 11 Insider

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I'd like to download Windows 11 Insider. But in (admin) Settings and Windows Insider Program I can only see Search for help and Give feedback. But I can't see anything to download. I have tried with several computers but the result is the same.


I'd like to have a solution for this problem because I'll train in September Windows 11.

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Hi, and in what insider channel did you register?
I redistered to a Beta channel.
No because I haven't found it. In that link there ia only Windows 10 to download.
It is also there in the first link familiarize yourself , and this is a direct link
I’ll try tomorrow.
Hi again
I really wonder what's the problem with Microsoft? I can't download it because in Windows Insider Program there's nothing to download and there's no Windows 11 ISO.
Is it a seceret? Doesn't any one else had the same problem?

@Kari Kaipainen 

Please check the updates in the Update and Security settings and ensure
full environment to update by privacy settings for sending full diagnostic data to Microsoft, sometimes there is a delay in sharing, you need to be prepared to remove applications that may cause problems, e.g. third-party antivirus programs

Have u checked your current computer HW? does this meet the requirements of Windows 11? Especially check your CPU...
To Andrzej1. First where to Microsoft should I send data? Second in that computer I don't yet have any third-party antivirus programs or other programs expect Office.
To Little Joe. Yes, when Microsoft had the testing program, I tested it. That testing program has been coming soon for a long time.
Final one, back up all of your data and get a copy of Windows 11 to perform a clean installation.
To Andrzej1. Unfortunately that link gets an error message.
To Little_Joe. I don't need to make a backup because it's a new computer. And again where to get a copy of Windoes 11?
What should I find in that discussion "I cant turn on optional Diagnostic data"?
Do you have enabled on your computers?
Sorrrry, what do you mean by that?

@Kari Kaipainen 

Enabling optional diagnostic data in your privacy settings is essential for downloading any Insider compilation - it goes without saying!

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Yes, finally there is a Windows11 ISO!



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