Why does Canary not have features from dev/preview?

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I chose the Canary channel to get the very latest features to test and provide feedback on but it seems, right now, there are features rolling out in Dev and other channels that are not part of Canary. In fact, Canary builds have been pretty much a non-event for months -- very small changes, often to the delivery system.


Is there a roadmap for Canary to sync back up with Dev etc?


Is there an explanation for why Canary seems to be so far behind Dev, in terms of features?

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Canary channel is only aimed to preview platform changes that require longer-lead time before getting released to customers.

If you want new features and experiences, Dev channel is recommended by Microsoft.
That article still suggests that a) Canary is like the old Dev channel which used to get all the features as they were worked on b) Canary is still likely to get (most) features that also go to the new Dev channel. I was on the old Dev channel (and I've been an Insider for many years) and used to get all the features as they were worked on.

Hence my surprise that the new Canary channel isn't working the same way, when that article implies that features requiring longer lead time would hit Canary first (specifically, I'm thinking about Windows Copilot).
Canary: "This is very similar to what we’ve been flighting to the Dev Channel in the past." -- I used to be on the old Dev channel and, right now, Canary does not seem to be similar to the old Dev channel. Hence my post.

"Insiders previously in the Dev Channel were already receiving these builds and to ensure they continue to receive new updates going forward, we will be moving these Insiders to the Canary Channel starting today." -- and that's me. I was moved to Canary (and chose to stick with it) because I was on the old Dev channel and expected Canary to work the same way.


Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23493 | Windows Insider Blog

Lowering the channel to Dev. is the right step, your post confirms it, other users as recommended by Microsoft -> should do it too, but a clean installation of Windows stops many people from returning to Dev. 

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Yeah, it's kind of a pain that the only way out is a clean install at this point. I've been very pleased with the Insiders program up until this recent change and I figured I'd give it a month or two to see if Canary "caught up" with Dev but at this point it seems unlikely.

I would really still like to here from _Microsoft_ directly about their plans for this tho', no disrespect to either of you who have responded so far.