Why, after several years, the profile section of the feedback hub app still doesn't work? 🤔

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For years now, this section has not worked at all, only achievements and tasks work. The other sections stopped working years ago.

I liked to keep track of my Feedback and it is no longer possible to have the option available.


If you're not going to support it, you're going to take it anymore. It's a shame that the tools improve in other respects and don't solve a problem that's been around for years.


Thanks :)

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Since 2015 /2016 not working. This makes less sense than an ashtray on a motorbike.

Please I don't think I'm asking for anything weird just that a bug that has been going on for six years even if several clean installations have been done from scratch and it still fails.

I really feel very sorry, embarrassed and upset that there is no simple answer... Sad

Thank you very much to everyone and the team.

Mind to post a screenshot?
I'm using Feedback Hub very frequently and have used it on different Microsoft accounts on different computers/laptops since 2015. none of them have this problem.
and last thing, is your Microsoft account enrolled in Insider program?

It's been failing for me since when we were still reporting bugs from Windows 10 Mobile. That amount shown in the image has been frozen since 2015/2016, a day stopped working.

@Ismael Martinez 

so until 2014 you submitted 4000 feedbacks ?? before even Windows 10 was a thing!! what were they even about?


anyway, maybe there is a limit to how many feedbacks you can submit. there are only so many feedbacks one can possibly submit before it turns into spamming.

you know why i'm saying that? because first of all Windows 10 was released in 2015 and second, Windows insider began in October 2014. 

I'm a pioneer in the Windows Insider program. That's why the lag of years may seem strange. Member from 10/03/14 and the end of 2015/2016 ceased to function and add up. I now appear in the highest Rankings of the Insider program and no new information is added.
the translation is really bad and confusing, you'd better write in English instead. i think you didn't understand my comment correctly and i definitely don't understand what you say anymore with these changing dates.