where is my free space on a drive going

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I have a redundant storage backup system which consists of a source drive which is copied and synced to 3 other drives of the same size. The source drive and 2 copy drives are the same exact drive brand/model and size, the 3rd drive is a portable SeaGate drive with the same size as the other drives, 2 TB.

I use GoodSync to copy the files in the source drive to each backup drive so according to GoodSync it copies left to right and deletes any files on the storage drives that has changed on the source. For some reason the source drive says I have 1.34 TB of free Space, on the 3 copy drives it say 1.27 TB free space. I can't see or find any differences.


It's not that I need the free space, I have plenty and I know my storage system is overkill but it is how I want it.


I just don't understand why the source drive has 1.34 TB free space and the 3 drives that should have an exact copy of the source dive has 1.27 TB free space.


Is there a best program that would let me look and see any differences on each drive?

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