When will insider builds get the fix for Meltdown and Spectre? Kinda important now ...

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The patch for 1709 can not install in 17063, so obviously there is a need for new patches for insider builds. So what is the timespan? Should one stop using insider builds connected to the internet for now, and revert to 1709? Thoughts?

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I would say if you are extremely worried your device may be compromised due to this threat then reverting to get the patch would be your best bet. I would assume, like some other things, it will be integrated into an insider build or trickle in some way to insiders but it will probably take a minute.
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Insider builds have had it for weeks now, 17063 had the fix baked into it before release. Which, BTW, means Microsoft knew about the bugs LONG before it ever went public.

Aha, that's why my laptop feels like in syrup, it has a NVMe drive which is THE component most affected. Now we just needs updated bioses from our hardware vendors, as the software patch is only exactly half the fix ....

And what about build 17025, no patch available here??