What is the best Instagram video downloader that still works in 2024?

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Is there any way to download Instagram videos in MP4 format, ideally in HD quality? When I search in Bing,  there are so many tools and websites available, and it's overwhelming to figure out which one is the best and still works effectively in 2024. I'm looking for recommendations on the most reliable and user-friendly Instagram video downloader that you've used recently.


If you could share your experiences with specific tools or websites, that would be incredibly helpful. I'm interested in ease of use, download quality, and any additional features that make the process smoother. Any tips or advice on avoiding ads or malware would also be greatly appreciated. 

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Instagram does not offer a built-in option to download videos. This applies to both the mobile app and the web version of Instagram. Users can view and share videos within the app, but there is no native feature to download them for offline use. However, you can use third-party Instagram video downloader software or service to save the Instagram videos to computer.

@Maastrichtit Screen recording apps are widely available for both smartphones and computers, you can use it to download Instagram videos to HD for free with this trick.This method is particularly useful for users who want to save videos without relying on third-party Instagram video downloaders or online tools.


To use a screen recording app, you simply start the recorder, play the Instagram video, and save the recording to your device. Most modern smartphones come with built-in screen recording features, making it accessible without the need for additional software. For computers, various screen recording software options are available, such as OBS Studio for advanced users or simpler apps like QuickTime Player for Mac. These tools often come with additional features like audio recording, editing capabilities, and format options, providing a comprehensive solution for capturing and saving Instagram videos.


However, the quality of the recorded video may not match the original, as it depends on your device's screen resolution and recording settings. Additionally, recording audio from the video can sometimes be tricky, especially if there is background noise or interruptions. 


Instasave is a dedicated mobile application designed specifically for downloading Instagram videos and photos. Its intuitive interface and straightforward functionality make it a popular choice among smartphone users. With Instasave, users can save their favorite Instagram videos and stories directly to their mobile devices for offline viewing.


One of the key features of this Instagram video downloader HD is its ability to download content in the background while users continue to browse Instagram. This seamless integration with the Instagram app ensures that downloading videos and photos is a smooth and uninterrupted experience. Additionally, Instasave prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that all downloaded content is stored securely on the user's device.

4K Video Downloader is my go-to Instagram video downloader for downloading Instagram videos in MP4 format. It's ridiculously easy to use, and it's free! You can download videos in various qualities, including 1080p, 2K, and even 4K. The interface is user-friendly, and it's available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

@Maastrichtit  I am using I1ngramer. In fact, it is more than just an Instagram video downloader; it's a comprehensive social media management tool. Alongside its video downloading capabilities, this desktop app offers features like scheduling posts, automating interactions, and analyzing account performance. This makes it a one-stop solution for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their Instagram presence.

One of the standout features is its ability to download Instagram videos without watermark. Whether you're saving videos, photos, or stories, it ensures that the downloaded content retains its original resolution and HD quality. 

GetFvid is specifically designed for downloading Instagram videos and stories. And it offers high-quality downloads up to 1080p. GetFvid also has a built-in converter that allows you to convert your downloads to MP3 audio files.


You can try InstaOffline, an online Instagram video downloader that I have used a few times and I think it is pretty good overall. The beauty of this tool is how simple and straightforward it is. You don't need to install any software or plugins, just open their website, paste the link of the Instagram video into the designated download box, click download, and the video will be automatically saved to your device.

I personally like it because the interface is very clean, without those distracting ads or complicated steps. Especially when I am in a hurry to download a Instagram video to share with friends or for personal projects, its efficiency and convenience really help a lot.


Of course, I still keep my guard up when using such online services, especially for any pop-up ads or additional download prompts that appear, which I usually ignore to ensure that I don't accidentally click on a link that may contain malware. But overall, InstaOffline gives me a positive impression and it does provide a quick and easy way to download Instagram videos.

Using screen recorders can be a bit of a headache. You have to navigate through settings, adjust the recording area, and deal with potential audio issues. And let's not forget about the quality! Screen recorders can sometimes compress the video or audio, making it look and sound less than stellar.