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What happened to Cortana?

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Hey guys,


I recently updated to Build 19025 in the Slow Ring and was aware of the new Cortana. It has a sleek design, and I like the fact that you can type but also talk to her. It is also very good how you can drag her around, it would be even better if you could have an option to put her on top of everything like the Windows Calculator. But this is not the point. Cortana is really bad - she can't tell me the time, the weather, age, and biographies of people, look up things on Wikipedia, she can't even do simple calculations!

Here's a picture to illustrate my problem:


Has Cortana a totally new functionality now? Or has she lost a fistfight to Siri?

Srsly, what's up there?!


Thank you!

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Hi @PolarBear12342 

I'm seeing the same thing, on fast ring 19030 and latest version of Cortana beta 1.1911.21713.0

also seeing this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Annotation 2019-11-26 164402.png




Just installed build 19035, Cortana can't still respond to "hi" ...


any fix yet? Cortana only bings request and no longer conversates with me.

It's changed a bit but still it's super simple. the current state of Cortana is just so bad in Windows insider. for me it's not useful at all

I am on build 19041 and cortana still is none functioning.  Does anyone know if we can we install an older version, so it will work again?

There is no way to roll back to a previous version of an UWP app from Windows store..our only option is to wait for future versions to get things fixed,
my best guess is tomorrow Monday we will get our first Windows insider update in year 2020