Weird - After update Mouse and Keyboard (even wired) no longer work

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Device: Windows Surface Studio 2

BETA Build from this week


Attached Bluetooth Devices:
- Logitech Ergo Mouse
- MS Pen (the flat black one, not the round one)
- MS Dial
- XBOX Controller
- MS Ergonomic Keyboard
- Surface Phone


Ok, so Windows 11 popped up as an update the other day. I am already running it on my Surface Book 3 so I figured I would try it there as well since things have been pretty flawless on the SB3.


So...the good news.

- Everything works so long as I don't want to use my keyboard, mouse - even when plugged into the USB on a wired connection - tested both Mouse and Keyboard. To make things worse, even the keyboard accessibility doesn't work.


If I use SplashTop to connect to my machines, and on a different machine terminaled to the Studio 2 and I was able to use the mouse and kayboard as it drives from the remote connection.


Has anyone seen anything like this?



In the Event Viewer I do see the following:

SurfaceSerialHubDriver - Event ID 15


Thanks in advance

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