Want to opt out from Windows Insider

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Want to opt out from Windows Insider program please help.




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if you are looking for help, please delete your private contact information first!
This is not in compliance with the MTC Code.


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To Opt Out From Windows Insider Program You have To Sign In To the website which is registered into Windows Insider Program or else you might get a message saying that 'This email address is not registered as a windows insider'



From the top right corner click on sign out and sign out from the account which is not registered into the Windows insider program 

Then,Sign in with the email address which is opted in for the Windows Insider program...

Then Go back to Windows Insider and click leave program and you will be opted out from it


Also click 'Stop receiving insider preview builds' which will not update your device to the preview builds...


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Yes, your answer is great, but really on a public forum you can't give out any private data for your own safety - it's worth reminding about that especially to new MTC members
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Thank you for reminding me that! 

From now onwards i will take care of it...I will also censor my email address

Again Thank You For reminding me :)

thanks i have removed my contact
Thank you - But I still see the email address?
removed now thanks
Please see this discussion , you will need a clean install of Windows10.
Good luck