want to Join windows 11 insider program

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I am interested to join the windows 11 insider program 

can I know the procedure to join and to get beta version of windows 11

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Hi @aravind227 ,

check out this article:

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Hello @aravind227,

Windows 11, or the code name Sun Valley is not yet announced officially.

The official announcement will be on the 24th of June from Satya Nadella. 

Here is a link for the event: Microsoft Windows Event - Watch the June 24 LIVE stream

Until now there are only some leaks in the net, but nothing official.

After the official announcement we will be able to get private preview of the new OS, which name is not clear yet. 

Hello @aravind227,


There is no confirm information on Windows 11, as of this writing. We need to wait till June 24th to get an acceptable answer on this.


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Hello @Kapil Arya
Thank you for replying to my query.
Hello @ychakarov

Thank you for replying to my Query
There's no Windows 11.

You can join Windows 10 insider program and you will get this update, called Windows 11, soon. Probably 25 june, or something like this.



In fact, I want to thank you for your interest in the new version of Windows!

Congratulations on the idea is definitely commendable!


I will join the windows 11 insider program.


Thank you 

We invite you to participate!
Please still read this discussion and do not download fake Windows11.
Beta trial and testing
Hi. If you have a decent pc, just go for Virtual box and install and try leaked windows 11 or whatever os you want without harming your nice pc.
Hope it helps
Hi Aravind! Sadly there has yet to be any official announcement or confirmation that W11 is actually going to be a thing. You can always join the Windows Insider Program by going to: Setting -> Updates & Security -> Windows Insider Program. As of right now I'm in the dev build and while some of the updates that show up in the leaked iso file are there, no name change has been confirmed.
Hi everyone, recently signed up Windows Insider Program and currently testing Windows 10 Pro Version Dev with Build 21354.1


I am also on the leaked Dev build. I upgraded from my original Windows 10 Pro 64bit. 

Will this current leaked Dev version get updated to beta version after June 24? Thank you. 

Thanks aravind227. Manged to get the Dev version.
i have leaked version of windows 11 installed on my another SSD and it doesn't seems fake to me. i did use it for some days and found no issue at all. i don't know if it is windows 11 or not but i am sure it is not windows 10. i am windows 10 user and i will join insider program.
Also I waiting to it too and i tired from windows 10 win10 is weird and too not good

@Lab16-SPS  I think windows 11 is released but we need to wait a little to install it.