Wallpapers look terrible on my monitor!!!!!

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Hi, I Have A Philips 4k monitor. I have enabled HDR, native resolution, 10bit full RGB over DisplayPort but the wallpapers look terrible. the main centre pieces look fantastic and I really like it but the colour banding or artefacts going on in the background is really really bad. Not sure if there is any other settings i can use to make them look better. I found one post on the internet where a guy removed all the artefacts in photoshop and i downloaded the image and it looks great no banding at all or very very little on on edges but that was just the one image.

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know body else then? really bad for me.. here is the link the the one picture that was fixed.
Would you mind add another background and see if the problem persist?
I am asking this to check if there is an issue with your device or operating system or your background



It is only present with the default backgrounds. any custom background is fine, all pictures from photo album are fine and playing games and everything else is ok. I am actually going to return the monitor now as it has begun to overheat with the hdr on . I will upload some pictures attached here. tomorrow I will have a new monitor to try out.DSC_0953.JPGDSC_0955.jpgDSC_0961.JPGDSC_0964.JPG

In case other background are fine, then it might be an issue with the background image.
In any case, try with the new background and if the problem persist, report it using the Feedback Hub app and make sure include screenshots too.