W10-1903 UNC path failing 0x80070043

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I can no longer access network shares through unc paths \\server\share I get the 0x80070043 "Network name cannot be found" error.


I suspect that this is related to the removal of Homegroups? but surely it was not intended to break basic UNC functionality, or am I missing something?

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@NedPyle Hi Ned,


thanks for looking into this.  The other Dell product, FluidFS, has the same issue.  One of my colleagues spotted the new compression header using tcpdump when looking into this issue with the preview release of 1903 in April.  We opened a case with Dell on the 30th April and we were told there wouldn't be any changes to FluidFS and we should open a case with Microsoft.  Unfortunately we don't have a support agreement with Microsoft so just left feedback for the 1903 preview.

I haven't had any updates from Dell for a while so I'm not sure if they are looking at changing FluidFS, but now I have confirmation from you I can escalate it.

Thanks again.

Just a quick update on this - I have had confirmation from Dell that they are working on a fix for FluidFS.

@DarrenMiller @NedPyle thanks for moving this forward.  We've also got a case opened with Microsoft now, but just requested it be closed per Ned.  Also trying to work with our Dell reps to get this pushed along, if you reported the cased April 30th it seems like things should be moving a bit quicker then they are.

@tomatthe  if Dell pushes back please feel free to drop my name, I'll be happy to chat with them

Hi everyone,

do you have any update ?



on my side we have a UnityVSA and they confirm its fixed on the latest release (not public)


so now it maybe available for other Filer


Seems like they are still only pushing the workaround for the FluidFS.  I haven't seen any patches released yet. @DarrenMiller 



This is the last I got from Dell on the FluidFS side.


"ETA for a fix is not until the end of July. As such, I’m going to close out our case. However, I’ve created a reminder on 7/28 for me to check the status on this. I’ll send you a follow-up email then.


Have a great day!






Thanks for the follow up!

@adecroce I heard back from Dell today - they told me a FluidFS fix should be out in early August.

Anyone knows when Dell will release the new firmware update for FluidFS to fix this SMB issue ? 



This is from Dell on Aug 9th.


"ETA is still “August”. No date available yet. I’ll check again next Friday."

Update as of 8/19/2019.


The current ETA for MR640 (and the SBM fix) has been changed from August to open. However, I anticipate it being release in the next few weeks. I’ll continue to check the status on this and send you an update every week or so.


Thank you for the update

@tomatthe Has there been an update on MR640 from DELL?

@stevecookMOL   1903 is started to end up on machines here, and this is quickly becoming a rather large problem for us.  I really don't want to disable v3 completely, but running out of options.




Good morning,


No change yet in the current status for release. It is still in testing and does not have a firm ETA.




@Ned Pyle

My Storage admin was looking over the notes for the latest Unity release (OE  and told me this:

"Not fixed in the current release.  Still references the workaround."

Any updates from MS on this - or still DELL\EMC issue??

@JBoehlke Hi. There's nothing for us to do here at MS, Dell was not following the SMB2 Negotiate specification. They need to change their behavior here like they did in other products mentioned in the thread.



Yep, understood. thx for the reply