Visual Studio 2022 VHXD for Pro insiders VM UX : contribute (adopt-and secure ) specific typeface

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Dear Readers,


Visual Studio 2022: Microsoft to consider adopting a typeface that is OSS high quality within the public domain. For multiple purposes it should be added to VS2022, the font(family) must be signed then and embedded as part of the minimal VS2022 stack. There are programming ligatures, web font incarnations (that need to be secured, some sites vary the content of a page by changing the CSS assets -that content appears diminished after saving. Some sites just do that.

the monotype typeface is named FiraCode. It does at least as much as Cascadia for Windows Terminal.


I'm little known with typography, worked with Linotype and apple for PS conversions. I also learned to print books. The book that I would like to have is about windows 95 lean and mean win32 development.


Microsoft: it's good practice to not reinvent the wheel over and over

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