Virus & threat protection Limited by IT adm? I'm on Win 11 Home

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I got into the Insider (beta) yesterday, and it started really bad... First I couldn't use my search box, got Microsoft support, and they couldn't do anything other than recommend I get out of the Insider. And I did, reinstalled Windows, and somehow the switch to get out of this was disabled, so it updated into it again... News: I can't access the "Virus & threat protection" as the print shows. I've probably done every troubleshoot possible, and still nothing... I guess I'll have to wait until tonight to reset the laptop again.


I suspect the problem might be that the update installed at the same time I was uninstalling the antivirus that's pre-installed in the machine, and somehow it kept the lock on this... Screenshot 2023-08-11 132114.png

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See if this fix helps you anyway:

Hope this helps!

Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.

Thank you, brother! Finally, the solution worked for me after searching for a long time on this issue. @KapilArya 

Glad to help :smile: