Video Problems Post-Update

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I'm on the Windows Insider Slow Ring and have entered update hell as of this morning.  I installed whatever the latest update was, not sure if it was a build or a CU but since then when I start the laptop up it lets me login normally but then the video goes sideways removing the text and images on tiles and menus and displaying lines and blurred features across the screen.  I've also had several critical process died green screen crashes.  Anyone else seeing anything like this?  I've looked at updating the video driver and rolling back the existing driver but no update is available and the rollback option is also not available.  Sadly, this is similar to the build I had installed in early Summer that was really not nice for a few weeks until the next update arrived.   I'm open to comments or suggestions. 

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And just like that the problem has gone away.  I watched the laptop green screen and reboot on its own about six or seven times last night and I decided to shut it down.  Got up this morning to pick up the troubleshooting and it booted normally and the video issues are no longer present.  I checked the reliability history to see what it says and it reported a Defender update and a Skype update this morning but other than that and the multiple crashes nothing.  Very odd.  

Thanks for the heads-up.  I have to check the build details when I get home to see if I'm on the same build as what that thread shows. 

I think what may have happened was that the graphics driver failed on the update but then was properly updated some time after. Have seen similar things like what you described. A good idea to manually install the latest graphic driver when the OS updates itself.