Very slow to start-build 18890

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When I first received this update(Build 18890.rs_prerelease.190426-1618) after the install and restart,  login page shows up, type in my PW and hit enter, then I get a black screen- w/ cursor that I can move- but my desktop doesn't show for 30-40 minutes! Happened repeatedly and consistently, over several days. Thought perhaps the download or install might have been an issue, so I uninstalled this build.

With my previous build, no problems. Few days later, again was prompted to install latest update, and the same issue reappeared? 

Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?

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Just want to add, after the 30 m delay until the desktop appears, no further problems, but if I am away long enough and have to log in again, happens again, even if only sleeping not powered off.