Very slow file explorer/manager on WIP 22593.1 (ni_release)

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It keeps taking a long time to open folders with a bit more content in them, says "Working on it...", even if just like a 100Gb of videos in 30 files. Drive health is okay and works fast on upper folders.

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I had the same issue.  The file explorer when first opened will become unresponsive and would never load anything.  I would have to restart the explorer task from the task manager to get it to close.  Any other apps, such as picture viewers that access files on any hard drive also freeze up when you try to load files into them.  I had to role back my pc and uninstall the feature update to get file explorer to work correctly.

i wanted to mention that i tried to reinstall it earlier today, and not only did i still experience the file explorer crashing every time i opened it, the only way to get it to clear was to restart explorer.exe from the task manager, but it also reverts my display, to their native resolution and will not allow me to use the amd super resolution feature that i could use before upgrading

at this point im just pausing updates for a week, hopefully this gets fixed by then

Suggest you file a report within Feedback Hub app to MS in order to investigating this issue under Files,Folders, and Online Storage > File Explorer.