Updates seem to be improving slowly

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Trying not to tempt fate, but the update process, especially late last year, was becoming a nightmare.  Over a couple of months I had to do many complete resets, each time losing my entire working environment.  I suppose we should be glad it's no longer a data-destructive process to reset (reinstall as we used to call it) but losing all installed programs, themes, settings, etc is still a pain.  Thank goodness all the browsers are 'instant' restores now - the transportability of browser environments is one of the best things to happen in computing.


So far this year things seem to have stabilized.  And it also seems as if at least some of the updates are installing much more quickly.  Still an occasional 8-9 update at times, but they are not every time anymore.  Kudos!

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Updates keep improving and Windows team will review feedbacks and log files to improve Windows Update experience.

In case you face any problem with Windows Update, make sure report it through Feedback Hub app.

In@Reza_Ameri-Archived Indeed, it wasn't posted as a complaint, as in, "they are so slow"but a refreshing acknowledgement of the progress being made.  After a somewhat frustrating period months ago where things were dicey.  It seems to be smooth sailing now, and the progress is appreciated!  Not to mention the release updates are installing *much* quicker.


In understand your post, since this is public forum and everyone would see it. I share general comment so if someone sees your post but having issue, before post something report it , so Windows team would take actions.

Feedback and data collections (adhered with privacy regulations) help Windows team to build better update experience like what you explained and it would become better.