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currently running win 11 pro insider preveiw evauation copy build 25300 rs prerelease 230210-1451 looking for any update

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Have you checked the Windows Update?
Was there any new update or are you seeing any error?

@busterbrown  Hi,

Now it's a bit complicated - if you update, you will be in the Canary channel (unstable version), currently Dev. is a lower version 230XXXX - write what you want to do?

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25381 | Windows Insider Blog

Wont let me move from preveiw channel would to update to 25381


Download Windows Insider Preview ISO (microsoft.com)  

You can perform an in-place update using ISO - there is a higher version available than yours, so it will be an update without losing settings and files. 

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25375 | Windows Insider Blog 

You can install this version using ISO

This did not work did not update to 25387 still at 25300