update to windows 11 preview 22621 is stuck showing error ox800705aa, a download file is corrupt

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I received the update file on windows update to insider preview 22621.1 on 11th May local date here in Thailand, ran the update and it keeps showing that there is an updae error code ox800705aa. I like to go back before the update on my pc and start fresh, as at the momen my windows update is not working. Is there a workaround like regedit or command prompts to set the update back to 10th May to start fresh?

Any suggestions from Microsoft on this?

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@williewedemeyer hey,

I am also facing the same problem. have you gotten the solution for this promlem?


Dea Armangpta, I contacted a service, which gave me the right solution, I had to shut down my desktop pc, remove all connected items except the mouse, keyboard and monitor and wait 10 minutes, after which I turned the desktop pc back on and used in setting the windows update troubleshooter, after it was done I went to windows update and it installed this inisder preview correctly.
After the insider preview was correctly installed I could reconnect all my devices, external harddisks etc.