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When I install the update I am not able to log onto me work network

I have to install the update to get back into my network  

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we have the same issue after installing this update for windows 11 users in our domain. the error message is ( sufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service ) when users want to log in to their computers.

the only solution now is to remove this update as u said and all works fine. if u have access to the local administrator account on that pc .hpofully we have only a few pc with windows 11 so far. otherwise, I have to run to all employees and remove the update one by one which will take maybe a month to finish. we have almost 300 employees.

so I hope the engineers from Microsoft will solve this issue soon.
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We are having the same issue on our Domain joined Windows 11 computers.  I have paused updates on the affected machines for a week.  Please get this fixed!  Update came direct from internet, not via my WSUS.@salim_ali 

Same issue.  Quick fix if wired ethernet, unplug before hitting enter on log in. As soon as log in starts, plug back in.

Same problem here. I am using an Windows 2019 Domain controller. My recommendation is to pause the updates becaus wushowhide.diagcab doesn't seem to work.

This is also happened to me as Well. At first I thought it was a domain or network card issue but then I saw the new update and removed it and that fixed the domain and Any VPN issues I was having too.

@VrandallBarrett1 same issues for all domain-joined computers

Another one here. The first time it took me a day to recover since I also had issues with system restore not working and finally into an automatic/repair - fail/repair loop. I just accidentally stumbled into the "no LAN" workaround, but then I put on the "[domain] 2 - unauthenticated" network and don't have access to secured shares, etc.

I have the same issue. I had to revert the update to be able to connect to my network drives or to join a domain