Unlock taskbar resize, make it movable to the right side

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With Windows 11 spreading across corporate hardware, I've been forced to use it.
With Windows 10 I've been very happy having taskbar somewhat wide while pinned to the right side of the screen. (width of a screen is not a problem these days. But height is at the premium. Especially so when working with large codebase.

It is very frustrating to see the Windows 11 taskbar pinned to the bottom of the screen.

1) make the taskbar resizable, (I like having 2-3 rows of corner icons because they are PLENTY these days)
2) let use choose which side of the screen to pin the taskbar to. (right side is something I'm missing much
3) I used to click right mouse button on a taskbar for quick access to Task Manager. Now there is only "Taskbar settings" which there is no need to access nearly as often. Please return Task Manager option. Or, return a full set of tech options when right clicked at a bottom right corner of the screen.

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