Unable to review apps in the Microsoft Store

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I believe I've written reviews on some of the apps I've purchased in the Microsoft Store in the past, but lately I've been unable to.
I cannot for the life of me find where to go on a given app page to write a review.   I can read reviews by others, but I can't write my own.   There is no link/button to click on to start.

Here is the latest app that I'd like to review.

Is it just me, or are other Insiders having this problem?


Insider Preview (beta channel). Build 22610

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Hi @scotter60 ,


you should be able to leave a rating and review. Make sure you are logged into Microsoft Store, and you downloaded the app. But to leave a review, go to installed apps, find the app and click on the three dots. see below.





Thank you. I would have never thought to look there. I've expected to find it on the store listing itself (like one does in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store).

Thanks for your help.

The problem is that you need to install the app to be able to rate it. 
An app like Blue Mail only shows the problem once you uninstall it which is too late to rate it but I'm not going to reinstall this app just to rate it.
I have however reported the app to Microsoft.
The problem is when you uninstall the app, it leaves a rogue registry entry in the run entry section so every time you boot your computer you are prompted to go the Store again to download it!